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March 3


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TG: hey egbert

TG: are you there

TG: its kinda serious

TG: i guess

EB: hey. you all right?

TG: fine

TG: typical night terror

EB: oh.

EB: what about?

TG: the usual

TG: giantass green skeleton trying to kill us with a scoop of flying dog on the side

TG: im cool

TG: just lookin for a bit of friendly comfort

TG: dont tell the girls

EB: hehe. your secret is safe with me. how bout a distracting topic? like….

EB: how’s school?

TG: pft. fuck school

TG: it aint fair man

TG: we saved the world and no one knows

TG: we have ptsd and we have to go back to school like nothing happened

TG: like we played pac man or something

TG: not fuckin life destroying sburb

EB: yeah

EB: i know.

EB: then we have to add the power control.

TG: right??

TG: they were hella easy to control in the game

TG: like

TG: the time was me and i know every bit of it

TG: now its like… its own person or something

TG: i walked by some flowers at school and they died because i accidentally aged them up through time

EB: shit. anyone see?

TG: no

TG: thank god

EB: i got frustrated on a test the other day and a giantass wind blew through the window and the tests were flying in the air.

TG: haha

TG: ok but thats funny

TG: did i tell you we’re dissecting cats in my anatomy class

TG: if i can kill flowers by aging them up maybe i could bring all the cats back to life at once during class by aging them back

TG: be free kittens!

EB: pffftt you’re a dork and you love cats.

TG: duh

EB: ok, but don’t bring the cats back to life, okay?

TG: but why not?

TG: kitties john

TG: kitties

EB: i know! but we have to hide our powers until we have control over them again.

TG: well

TG: yeah

TG: ive just been thinking and stuff

EB: about what?

TG: the cat thing

EB: no bringing cats back to life!

TG: i know i know

TG: but like

TG: if i could

TG: bring the cats back i mean

TG: what if it worked on people

TG: i would age back only the person and not the world around them

EB: dave.

TG: i could help people

TG: i don’t have to hide my powers i could just use them for good

TG: i could bring people back

EB: dave!

TG: do you have any idea what i could do john

EB: they’re dead, dave! they’re not even on earth! they’re DEAD on another PLANET.

EB: they’re dead.

EB: leave it alone.

EB: dave?

EB: are you there?

EB: look, i’m sorry. i don’t want to make you feel bad, i just…

EB: they’re gone and it’s not healthy that you’re clinging on.

TG: i know

TG: thanks

EB: no, i’m sorry.

TG: john its fine

TG: i needed that

TG: its just not fair i guess

TG: we won and they’re still dead for protecting us

TG: the apartment is so quiet without him

EB: we didn’t win.

TG: what do you mean???

TG: if we didnt win then i wouldnt be here chatting to you about it

EB: we didn’t win. we never won. we’re dead.

TG: what the hell john???

TG: dont get all deep on me ok

TG: no mind blowing poetry about my existence

EB: we’re not talking, dave.

TG: what?

EB: we’re dead, dave. you’re dead. we were never meant to win. we were doomed. everyone was.

EB: i’m your imagination. you’re making this conversation.

EB: you’re dead, dave.

EB: john is dead.

EB: rose is dead. jade is dead. your bro. john’s dad. the alphas. the trolls. the villains.

EB: everyone is dead.

EB: and i’m in your head.

TG: shut the fuck up

TG: youre john

TG: we’re talking and youre john and thats it

TG: i cant make you up in my head, youre only you

EB: i can be anyone you want me to be.

TG: stop

TT: Who would you like me to be, Dave?

TG: stop

TG: im not dead

TG: we won

TG: we won and its over we won

TT: We died, bro. We’re all dead and you’re stuck in your own head.

TG: I want john back

EB: but i’m not john.

EB: i’m whoever you want me to be.

GG: its better this way dave!!!

GG: then we can talk all the time :B


GC: 1’LL B3 WHO3V3R YOU W4NT M3 TO B3, D4V3.



TG: stop

TG: stop

EB: then get off the computer.

You do. You shove away desperately, coming back to yourself.

You’re in your room. Turntables nearby, bed unmade, cords making the floor a danger zone. You blink. The chat is gone. Everything that you had been watching show up in different colors just… disappears. It’s an empty chat between you and John.

So you try again with a deep breath.

TG: john???

You don’t get a reply this time.

You leave the computer. You can’t deal with his fucking prankster’s gambit right now. You need food. So you log off and leave your room.

It smells like pizza. You hear a voice.

“Got take-out, lil’ guy!”

You dash to the kitchen. Your heart literally hurts. There’s no one there. No pizza. The smell is gone.

Someone knocks at the door. A muffled voice comes through.

“Hey, Dave! We gonna hang out or what, or are you gonna ignore your best friend?”

You run. Rip the door open. No one there. In fact, you’re on the edge of your roof. You turn around. No apartment. Yes, you’re on the roof. You hear traffic. Looking down, there’s no cars.

You see Rose. Her long scarf is whipping violently in the wind as she walks down the middle of the road. She drops her black and violet knitting needles, and it’s so loud the way they clatter on asphalt in this silent city.


She looks up at you. And then she’s gone.

EB: i’m whoever you want me to be, dave.

EB: you’re dead.

EB: i’m dead.

EB: we are all dead, dave.

EB: you’re in your head, dave.

You’re not even at your computer. But you’re seeing his messages. You’re not on your roof. You’re no where.

You’re dead.

There’s nothing and it’s fucking infuriating. There’s no black space. You’re not floating. You’re nothing, but you’re conscious. You’re no where and you’re nothing and you’re dead. Absolutely dead.

No miracles. No plot twist. No happy ending.

You’re dead. And honestly, you didn’t expect more than this.
Was bored during my theatre history class. Drabbled this out in half an hour of boredness. 

Miss you all<3

(c) Characters belong to Homestuck, Andrew Hussie
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SilvisMN Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
This is really well written. A good resort for when I'm feeling surreal (That's a good thing).
Plajus-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Writer
Thank you very much then! : D
lokibrine Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Big Strider fan ay when I heard my friend readthis to me I though she was kidding but I heard my brother read it I thought hey that is cool.

-Blined kid
Plajus-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student Writer
Oh my gosh, thank you! I'm glad you think it's cool! I'm flattered, thank you. SMILEY FACE.
lokibrine Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
your welcome
Too-tired-to-life Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Damn. This is great, man. Well done.
Plajus-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Writer
thank you! c:
Too-tired-to-life Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
You're welcome ^.^
ArtySkittle Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck that was deep, good job <3
Plajus-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student Writer
Thank you! c: 
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